For April Fools Day 2018, Fortnite has changed the boogie bombs and impulse grenades so that you can jump much higher if you are hit by one. This is an awesome little feature and a great April Fools Day prank by Fortnite. Here’s the new boogie bombs and impulse grenades in action.

Boogie Bombs Impulse Grenades Fortnite April Fools Day 2018

New Boogie Bombs and Impulse Grenades

Here’s a video that can show you exactly how high you can jump with the new bombs and grenades! This could actually turn out to be a pretty strategic move in a fight if you need a high advantage!

Also, today might be the day that the comet finally connects with the Fortnite map, so keep an eye for any information regarding that or any more Easter/April Fools Day updates!

Thanks for reading and go on out there and have some fun with these new Impulse Grenades and Boogie Bombs! April Fools only comes once a year, so you should enjoy these new features!