A new LTM may be coming to Fortnite soon, as confirmed by the Epic Games developers on Reddit. This new game mode would be called “Gun Game”. Here’s everything we know about the new LTM in Fortnite!

Gun Game LTM Fortnite

On Reddit, someone posted a thread that suggested a game mode where everyone started with a pistol and it was upgraded with every kill that you got. Here’s the reply by an official Fortnite moderator!

Fortnite LTM Gun Game

Based on the reply, it appears that Fortnite was already considered trying out a LTM like this “Gun  Game”. They aren’t sure exactly what to do though, as the game mode could either be progressive or degressive, depending on what gun you started with .

This sounds like an amazing LTM so I’m excited for this to be implemented in Fortnite. Let’s hope that we can see it sometime soon!