The V3.5 update for Battle Royale in Fortnite will be releasing tomorrow, April 11th, as part of Fortnite’s weekly developer updates. This update has a lot of great stuff coming, so let’s discuss the whole of the V3.5 update that we know so far!

V3.5 Fortnite Update

The biggest new item that will be coming in this update is the Port-a-Fort which has been revealed over the past couple days. Here’s the release video for the Port-a-Fort!

The Port-a-Fort is a bit of a controversial item being added to Fortnite, but it still looks cool nonetheless. We are also pretty sure that there is going to be a nerf to the Guided Missile, confirmed by the Fortnite team on Reddit! Here’s the response that lets us know that the Guide Missile is getting some changes:

Guided Missile Nerf Fortnite

The last thing that we know is going in the V3.5 update to Fortnite are bug fixes! Here’s a full list of all the bugs that Epic Games has stated that they wanted to fix in this update.

That’s all the information and items that we know of right now for the V3.5 update that will be going live in game tomorrow, April 11th. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the Port-a-Fort!