New cosmetics have been added into Fortnite through the V3.6 update that was released earlier today. These cosmetics aren’t live in Battle Royale yet, but will be offers soon! Here are all the new cosmetics that were added in the V3.6 update!

New Cosmetics (V3.6  Update)

Brite Gunner Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Brite Gunner Outfit Fortnite

Steelsight Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Steelsight Outfit Fortnite

Steelcast Back Bling (Epic Rarity)

Steelcast Back Bling Fortnite

Global Axe Battle Ax (Epic Rarity)

Global Axe Battle Ax Fortnite

Squat Kick Emote (Epic Rarity)

Squat Kick Emote Fortnite

And those are all of the new items that were released with the Fortnite V3.6 update! These cosmetic items will slowly be available in the shop over the next couple weeks. Thanks for reading and comment below which one is your favorite!