Fortnite will be having a mini-update today, April 26th, in order to fix some small bugs with first shot accuracy and a week 10 challenge, “Skydive Floating through Rings”. Here’s the full update notes for this small Fortnite update, part of the V3.6 update.

First Shot Accuracy
In v3.6 we added an accuracy reset when crouching/uncrouching. This was added to prevent undesired gameplay where players would quickly uncrouch, fire a perfectly accurate shot, then crouch again for cover. As an unintended side effect, a short delay was introduced when going from hip-fire to aiming.

We’ll be pushing a hotfix shortly to revert this v3.6 accuracy reset. We will separately address the crouch/uncrouch in a future update.

Week 10 Challenge – Skydive Through Floating Rings
We found an issue with the Weekly Challenge “Skydive through floating rings”, where rings were intermittently granting credit. We’ll be pushing a hotfix that will fix the blue rings; the purple rings should be improved, but may still not grant credit. (Note: To ensure a high likelihood of getting credit, make sure to fly in the center of the ring).

This update was pretty small but is bringing critical fixes to the game. The downtime should go live soon, so get ready to stop playing! We will keep you updated.