Season 4 for Fortnite is coming very soon, as Fortnite tweeted out a picture of Season 4 today, combined with a superhero in the tail of the infamous comet that should be hitting Tilted Towers soon!

So it appears that Season 4 will have a bit of superhero theme to it, probably with a few superhero skins throughout the season, as well as some other things I’m sure. Take a look at how in the tweet Fortnite said “Battle. Adapt. Win.”.

The adapt part of this tweet makes it really seem like Season 4 of Fortnite will be in the aftermath of the comet impact. Season 4 could all be based around the survival of the comet and battle ground after.

Season 4 isn’t here quite yet, but Season 3 is slotted to end on April 30th, 2018. I think that we can expect the comet to make impact on the 30th, setting the stage for Season 4. I’ll keep you guys updated with any new developments around Season 4 in Fortnite.