New Cosmetics (V4.0 Update)

Liteshow Outfit (Uncommon Rarity)

Liteshow Outfit Fortnite

Nitelite Outfit (Uncommon Rarity)

Nitelite Outfit Fortnite

Chromium Outfit (Rare Rarity)

Chromium Outfit Fortnite

Diecast Outfit (Rare Rarity)

Diecast Outfit Fortnite

Abstrakt Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Abstrakt Outfit Fortnite

Trailblazer Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Trailblazer Outfit Fortnite

Royale Bomber Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Royale Bomber Outfit Fortnite

Glow Stick Battle Ax (Rare Rarity)

Glow Stick Battle Ax Fortnite

Tenderizer Battle Ax (Rare Rarity)

Tenderizer Battle Ax Fortnite

Renegade Roller Battle Ax (Epic Rarity)

Renegade Roller Battle Ax Fortnite

Persuader Battle Ax (Rare Rarity)

Persuader Battle Ax Fortnite

Glow Rider Glider (Epic Rarity)

Glow Rider Glider Fortnite

Steadfast Glider (Uncommon Rarity)

Steadfast Glider Fortnite

Solid Strider Glider (Uncommon Rarity)

Solid Strider Glider Fortnite

Tag Bag Back Bling (Epic Rarity)

Tag Bag Back Bling Fortnite

True North Back Bling (Epic Rarity)

True North Back Bling Fortnite

That’s all for the new cosmetics added in the Fortnite V4.0 update for Season 4. These new items will be coming out over the coming weeks in the store. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Fortnite news!