Fortnite released a new video, covering the recent update that included the season 4 battle pass and the map update, which changed Dusty Depot to Dusty Divot and added Risky Reels to the map. Here’s the video about the 10th Dev update to Fortnite!

In case you aren’t able to watch the video, here’s everything that is covered in the update video!

Season 4 Battle Pass

  • Complete challenges to earn rewards
  • Available for 950 V-Bucks in-game
  • Sprays have been added, new in Season 4
  • Levels will allow you to unlock additional styles for Carbide and Omega
  • Blockbuster challenges allow you to unlock additional loading screens that add to the narrative of Season 4
  • All emotes, emojis and sprays can be accessed in game

Map Update

  • Dusty Depot has been transformed into Dusty Divot
  • Hop Rocks have been added to boost your jumps, more features like this planned for the future
  • Risky Reels point of interest added

Thanks for reading and enjoy the update. Come back soon for more Fortnite Battle Royale news!