With the jetpack being the first new backpack item in Fortnite, many more backpack items are queued up to be added into Battle Royale in the coming Fortnite updates. Here are all of the new backpack items that were leaked in Fortnite!


New Backpack Items LEAKED

Two new backpacks were leaked as images, and also had their “taglines” leaked as well. The two leaked backpacks were the Intel Pack and the Medic Pack, which are explained below.

Intel Pack

The intel pack is pretty basic; it tells you important information about the game, such as where the next storm eye is going to be, as well as showing you if there are other players nearby. You can also use the intel pack to track where the closest chest is located.

“Find the Eye of the Storm, and then reveal nearby loot and enemies”

Medic Pack

The medic pack is exactly what you would think it would be, a way to heal your partners in duo and squad modes. It’s not clear exactly how you can heal your teammates, but my guess is that it either takes a shorter time to revive or that you can slowly heal by being close by.

“Carry your allies to victory with this advanced life saving equipment!”

Medic Pack New Backpack Item Fortnite

I’m really excited for these new Fortnite items to begin to be prevalent in Battle Royale. Thanks for reading and comment below which new backpack item you are most excited to use!