New cosmetics have been added into Fortnite through the V4.3.0 update that was released earlier today. These cosmetics aren’t live in Battle Royale yet, but will be offers soon! Here are all the new cosmetics that were added in the V4.3.0 update, including the Flytrap and Ventura outfits.

New Cosmetics (V4.3.0 Update)

Flytrap Outfit (Legendary Rarity)

Flytrap Outfit Fortnite

Ventura Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Ventura Outfit Fortnite

Scoundrel Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Scoundrel Outfit Fortnite

Rapscallion Outfit (Epic Rarity)

Rapscallion Outfit Fortnite

Jumpshot Outfit (Rare Rarity)

Jumpshot Outfit Fortnite

Triple Threat Outfit (Rare Rarity)

Triple Threat Outfit Fortnite

Tendril Battle Ax (Rare Rarity)

Tendril Battle Ax Fortnite

Slam Dunk Battle Ax (Rare Rarity)

Slam Dunk Battle Ax Fortnite

Nite Owl Battle Ax (Rare Rarity)

Nite Owl Battle Ax Fortnite

Starry Night Battle Ax (Rare Rarity)

Starry Night Battle Ax Fortnite

Hang Time Glider (Epic Rarity)

Hang Time Glider Fortnite

Venus Flyer Glider (Epic Rarity)

Venus Flyer Glider Fortnite

Burgle Bag Back Bling (Epic Rarity)

Burgle Bag Back Bling Fortnite

Strongbox Back Bling (Epic Rarity)

Strongbox Back Bling Fortnite

That’s all for the new cosmetics added in the Fortnite V4.3.0 update for Season 4. These new items will be coming out over the coming weeks in the store. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Fortnite news!